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Wellness Studio & Juice Bar

Hi! Im Crystal and this is my husband Adrian. Together we are a household of 6 plus 3 pets. Multiple step children which makes us a Big Brady Bunch family with 10 kids in total. Busy lives we lead, I must say. During the pandemic it had brought to my attention the lack of self care that I desired. 10 years ago I had a goal in mind it was set I was ready then bam! Our daughter came along, postponing a lot of my plans, but that's ok in that time I was able to focus on building up my business and helping my husband open up his own, Katalinas Catering. So my original plan was put on the back burner for many years. But not today! After some self reflection and a very much needed vacation I came back with determination, now or never, to open up my very own fitness studio! So for the last year and a half I developed my own workout routine that I would enjoy and alternate to not get bored of the same old same old. That's how SBS Fitness studio was born! Along with my changed attitude and determination to stay fit is healthier eating too!

SO then it became SBS Fitness Studio and Juice Bar, where you will find simple healthy foods to eat and drink. I'm excited to share with you the Journey I myself still take each day by offering several classes that help me keep my 75#s off! Yes! that's right! in the last year and a half I've lost 75#s and more to lose! I've never felt more energized and ready to tackle my days before but now i wake up feeling ready to greet the world! 

The classes I will be teaching personally:

Bungee Fitness


Bounce Fitness

Ariel Restorative Yoga

Striders Club (weather permitting, coming spring of 2022)

BUT I've got a fabulous group of ladies ready to take you on Journey too! Offering ZUMBA, Dance Cardio, and some fun themed dance classes to help you dance your way into fitness! 

Crystal Gayles

Meet The SBS Team

Hello! My name is Yuki.

I am of 11yrs old daughter plus, two cats and one dog.(yes, I’m crazy animal lover)


I can not live without music.

Love dancing, singing,

I’m a Zumba instructor who just want to share some fun moments with you for end of the day:)

then, hopefully

You’ll have a good “Tomorrow “

That’s my goal 👍🏻


Sophie Trombetta 

  • I've been teaching Zumba for 6 years and it's my favorite workout. My Class is a fiery mix of Latin and Hip Hop; you'll have so much fun you won't even realize how hard you're working! Come shake it with me and leave all your worries on the dance floor!